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Palette VL - Strand Lighting


Now you can have the power of conventional and moving light control in a value priced system. Palette VL features an integral trackball, moving light encoders and direct action attribute keys to extend the power of the Palette family of consoles. Available with 500 to 8000 channels, the new consoles now offer an optional second video display to present more information to console operators, including an advanced moving light control screen.

Product Features

  • 16 or 64 Submaster models with Unlimited Submaster Pages
  • Two DMX ports with 1,024 outputs
  • Integrated Moving Light Controls with integrated trackball, and 4 rotary encoder wheels
  • Hard disk cue storage
  • USB Key Library storage
  • Strand ShowNet standard on all systems with over 18,000 DMX outputs
  • PaletteOS Vista Business Operation System
  • High-resolution Graphical User Interface with mouse
  • Unlimited cues per show
  • Network support for a wide range of Ethernet data protocols including ShowNet, streaming ACN, ArtNet, Pathway and Color Kinetics networks
  • Automated lighting control with intelligent fixture library
  • Up to 26 part cues
  • Tracking or whole cue operation
  • Low profile "easy touch" bump buttons
  • Light Palette-style encoder wheel
  • Support for two video displays
  • Wired and wireless focus remote options
  • Windows Off-line Editor
  • Available with up to 8,000 channels
  • Split memory playback
  • Direct access keys for selection of key automated lighting attributes
  • Unlimited effects playbacks
  • Vision.net control interface for seamless interface between Entertainment and Architectural controls
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