Thiết bị nâng hạ TEYCORIG Hoist Fly Point

The FLYPOINT 200, the perfect solution in combination with lighting hoist, to make easy the TV Studio setup with scenography, truss system, audio clusters, etc.. Available with Manual and Motorized carriage to move the Point Hoist along the Studio area. Installation for over grid, under grid, side wall, false ceiling, for Theatre stage, Auditoriums, Architectural venues. Available as Chandelier hoist and any high ceiling application with a total drop up to 16m height. Supplied pre-assembled, completely ready and easy to install for fixed or trackable installation.
  HFP200T120 | 140        HFP200H120 | 140
Maximum drop 12000 | 14000 mm    12000 | 14000 mm
Security factor 10    10
Maximum capacity 200 kg    250 kg
Closed height "overgrid" 500 mm    500 mm
Closed height "undergrid" 1000 mm     1000 mm
Speed 4 m / min    4 m / min
Engine power 1.5 Kw    1.85 Kw
Single brake On request    On request | Standard
Double brake On request    On request
Inverter for variable speed       On request    On request
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