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Moving Lighting LED SPOT

Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT

Moving Lighting Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT JB Lighting

With an incredibly low LED power consumption of 270W, the P7 delivers the brightness of a 700W discharge lamp. The moving light owes this enormous light yield in particular to its outstanding optical properties and the high-technology cooling. The LED light source maintains the color temperature at a constant level over the entire lifetime of 20,000 hours. The unwanted drift to green is thus a thing of the past.

The P7 offers a complete range of effect highlights. Starting with the impressive optical zoom system which covers a range of 8° to 48°. The effects unit comprises a CMY color mixing unit and all the effects which are required to create stunning shows. Its aesthetic design along with the comfortable handling, make the P7 similar revolutionary to the LED washlights by JB-Lighting.

The P7 is tailor-made for all those who intend to send their ageing spots from the 700W to 800W classes off to retirement.

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