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Đèn Moving Wash A12 JB-Lighting

Moving Wash A12 JB-Lighting

       A total of 61 RGBW multi-chip LEDs in the 15W class are integrated in the newly developed optical zoom system of the A12. Due to the hexagonally shaped lenses, the luminous field gives a homogenous overall impression, almost comparable to that of a single light source. The A12 comes with an enormous brightness and depending on the colour it can replace a washlight with a 1.200W to 1.500W discharge lamp. The zoom covers a remarkable range of 4° to 48°.

      As with previous LED washers by JB-lighting, the A12 is characterised by sophisticated software. Special attention was paid to the dimming behaviour. The A12 features a high resolution true-colour dimmer 0 – 100%. For demanding work, various control curves for RGBW are available as well as different dimming curves and camera modes, which ensure flicker free performance in television studios. And of course the A12 is equipped with a low-noise three-phase stepper motor. Just as the A4, the A7 and the A8, it has a DMX-in module installed ex works for JB-lighting Wireless DMX.

        The A12 is designed for big stages and for applications where an extra bright washlight is required. It easily replaces a wash light with a 1.200W discharge lamp and is the only multichip LED washlight that is able to generate an extremely narrow beam.

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